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Chicken Housing

   We have plenty of Hen Housing in stock including an exciting new range of top quality housing. Please scroll down for details.

We do a selection of wooden hen houses/runs as well as Eglu's from Omlet and fully recycled plastic, eco-friendly coops by Green Frog Designs. (Now called Nestera)

Please see below for further details.  

 We can offer a competitive personal delivery service in our own vehicles throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey, parts of Essex and outer London.

Don't forget we can supply birds, feeders, drinkers, bedding, feed and all the other essential needs.      

New Housing Ranges Below 

Nestera Housing - New Recycled Plastic Housing Range
This new range of housing is designed and made in the UK using 100% recycled plastic waste. This means that they are extremely durable, effortless to clean and are eco-friendly too!
Every Nestera Coop is built to last and comes with a 25 year guarantee included.
All the houses can be used in conjunction with the Chickengaurd automatic door opener. All have exterior nest boxes, removable perches and carry handles. All the lodges are raised off the ground to make cleaning out easier and to give a dry area for the hens.

Small Chicken Lodge

Suitable for 2-3 standard hens or 3-5 Bantams.


Available Now

Medium Chicken Lodge

Suitable for 5-6 standard hens or 8-10 Bantams


Available Now

Large Chicken Lodge

Suitable for 8-10 standard hens or up to 16 Bantams


Sold Out - but available for direct delivery

Chicken Wagon

Suitable for 6-8 standard hens or 15+ Bantams


Available for direct delivery only

Small Duck House

Suitable for 2-4 ducks


Available Now

Littleacre Product Range

The range below are of superior quality with 16g thick wire and much thicker/stronger wood than the inferior housing found on the market. All of our wooden housing is made in the UK. We refuse to stock cheap, poor quality imported flat-packed housing. It pays to buy quality!

The Hawkenbury

A raised poultry house with integral run suitable for upto 4 standard size birds. An external nestbox, slide out floor and end release gate are all standard features. A ramp leads to the pop hole entrance with a vertical sliding cover held open by a hook and eye. This design allows the birds to use the whole footprint of the Ark with a weather protected area under the house giving both shelter and shade to the occupants. The one piece run top is removable and locks on in the closed position. It will slide away from the house to open and close the pop hole or attend to feed and water. Handles are fitted to both ends for ease of moving.


cm / " Length 198cm/78", Width 81cm/33", (plus 38cm/15" nest box), Height 114cm/45" max. House: 91cm/36" W, 61cm/25" D, 71cm/28"H max.

Currently Sold Out  £455

(Assembly £15)

The Woodchurch

This compact house and run unit is designed with the bantam poultry keeper/breeder in mind but is also suitable for a couple of hens, as well as Quails, Rabbits & Guinea pigs.
Hinged roof for easy access.
Carry handles at both ends.
One piece lift off run top that locks on in closed position
Run top also slides away from house to access pophole or add feed/water.
Drop down pop hole door with hook and eye to hold open.
Removable perch rail. Ample ventilation.


Overall size 208 cm long (incl. handles) x 89 cm wide x 69 cm high max.
(82" long x 35" wide x 27" high max.)
Run height 48 cm (19")
House size 84 cm wide x 63 cm deep x 61 cm high
(33" wide x 25" deep x 24"high)

Available Now    £285

                                                                                                   (Assembly £15)

The Pluckley

Very popular poultry house and run unit.

Transport wheels, locking run top and slide-out floor/droppings tray all standard.
Double external nestbox and end release gate.
Suitable for 4/5 standard size birds. (more if used for bantams)

Hinged roof allows easy access to house

Fitted handles for portability
One piece removable run top.
Run top also slides away from house to access pop hole or add feed/water and locks on in the closed position.

Fitted drop down pop hole door with hook and eye to hold open.

Removable perch rails #2
Ample ventilation

House 84 x 84 x 89 cm high max (33"x 33"x 35" high) With nest box add 38 cm (15")
Run 190 x 89 x 66 cm high (75"x 35"x 26" high) Total length 297 cm (117")

More coming soon £495

(Assembly £15)

The Sutton - 6 Bird Hen House

Will house upto 6 birds, more bantams. Ideal for home egg production, breeding, rearing.
Hinged roof allows easy access to house.

Slide-out floor for easy clean out.
Drop down pop hole door with hook and eye to hold open.
Removable perch rails, #2.

External nest box

89 x 84 x 89 cm high max.
(35"x 33"x 35"high max.)

Next Box. (adds 15" [38cm] to width)

More coming soon


(Assembly £15)

The Linton - 3 Bird Hen House

A great little chicken coop offering an excellent standard of construction and accommodation at a favourable price. Two roosting bars are fitted and a removable insert can be slotted in at one end to make an internal nest box. The roof is hinged for easy access.

Size: 33" W x 23" D x 30" H (87cm x 59cm x 76cm)

Available Now  £175

(Assembly £10)

Optional run available to go with the Milford 6' x 3' £140 or £295 if bought together

Eglu's from Omlet

Eglu's from Hen House Poultry 

Eglu Go Up's 


 These are the same as the Eglu Go's, but have the advantage of being up off the ground and have wheels to make it easier to move the unit around.

Just £525 

More coming soon

(Assembly is not offered on Eglu's)

One Metre extensions are also available at £85 

Heavy duty winter covers available £18

Alternative Wooden Hen House Range

We are pleased to offer another wooden chicken coop range built here in Kent

We recommend that this unit would be suitable for two hybrid type hens or three to four Bantams.


(Assembly £15)

Available Now

We recommend that this unit would be suitable for two Bantams or a broody hen.


(Assembly £10)

Available Now

We recommend that this hen house would be suitable for between six and twelve hens.

It has a triple nest box, sliding pop hole and the whole side lifts off for ease of cleaning out.


(Assembly £15)

Available Now

The Canterbury

Good looking unit which is practical for both the birds and their keepers


(Assembly £30)

Available Now

L = 2800mm   w = 1250mm  

h = 1800mm

Optional Wooden Base to stop the bottom of the run coming into contact with the ground and adding extra stability.  £45

Delivery and Assembly

We offer a delivery service throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey and South East London. All we need to give you a quote for delivery is your postcode.

We also offer an assembly service which means we can bring your hen housing already assembled or alternatively assemble it in your garden. As part of our assembly service we use extra screws throughout the construction for added strength. (Please see individual housing for assembly prices)

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