Hen House Poultry

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Chicks, Quail & Ducks For Sale

Chicks and Growers

Brown Ranger Growers

These are approx 6 weeks old:

£8 each

6 for £45

Brown Coloured Growers

In coloured Growers we have Copper Maran (cuivree), Cuckoo Maran and Rhode Rocks.

Approx 15 weeks old

£15 each

6 for £80


Japanese Quail. These are the best laying quail and come into lay as young as 6 weeks old.

To place an order, please email your request to us with the subject title "Quail"

Sold Out

Females  £10

Males  £8

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Ducks & Ducklings

We sometimes have Ducks and Ducklings available - Aylesburys, Runners, Calls and others. 

Available Now

Adult Females £35 (Sold Out)

Adult Males £15 (Runners and Aylesburys)