Hen House Poultry

Good Husbandry = Healthy Hens


We are pleased to be able to bring you a massive selection of hybrid layers. If it's friendly birds which lay lots of lovely eggs then these are the chickens for you. They all come fully vaccinated and are sold at point of lay (16 -22 weeks old) These are available all year round.

We now have many new breeds available including, Buttercups, Splash Marans, Silver-duckwing Leghorns, Partridge Leghorns, Millefleur Leghorns and a Copper Maran hybrid.

 Pullets available mid April

We are open by appointment only,- please ensure that you bring suitable boxes to transport your purchased birds home in!

We have plenty of parking, but please take care entering and exiting the driveway as it is a little concealed.

Please note, we do not have card facilities and as cheque guarantee cards are no longer valid we can only take cash payments or direct transfer.  


Purebreeds and other poultry are also available for sale in season. These include, Bantams, Large Fowl, Ducks and Quail.

Please be aware we have moved in recent years - more details are on the home page. 

The new phone number is: 

01622 843649 or 07711 082133

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Mendlesham Ranger

Having a very good temperament and being an excellent layer, this is a good all-round bird and a great beginners bird too.

One of the friendliest birds you could own.

 Available mid April     £14  

Mendlesham Blue

Out of all the birds we supply, the blues are always in high demand with their stunning smokey grey plumage.

These are quite a large bird, but could be described as 'gentle giants' as they have a placid nature. 

Available mid April         £16


Fenning Black

These are very popular birds partly because of the brilliant green & blue sheen of their plumage and could be described as a good all round bird.

They look pretty, lay lots of eggs and are very robust and reliable. The similar looking Black Copper Maran is also available at the same price.

  Available mid April  £16

Fenning Sussex

This is the bird which gets recognised the most due to it's close links with the Light Sussex.

The black hackle and tail feathers look great against the white plumage. Another good 'all round' bird. 

  Available mid April   £16


Mendlesham Amber

This bird is made up using the opposite cross of the one above.

It has the same character, just a different colour. They are a joy to have around having such a friendly nature. Some have brown specks on their plumage such as this one, others are a creamy white colour. 

          Available mid April    £16                                                   


Pied Suffolk

Being the opposite of the bird above, i.e. black plumage with white neck feathers, this birds is based on another of the Sussex; this time the Silver Sussex.

Great looking bird - always popular. 

Available mid April       £16


Fenning White

Having the reputation of being a slightly scatty and flighty bird the Fenning White (White Leghorn) is not everybody's choice. However once in lay she not only calms down but lays beautiful pure white shelled eggs.

This bird does really well in free range conditions  

                           Available mid April        £16                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Suffolk Blacktail

Having close links with the well known Rhode Island Red, this is the bird for many people. She is extremely friendly and has a lovely dark red plumage with black tail feathers.

A prolific layer.  

Available mid April      £16


Fenning Cou Cou

Looking similar to the Marans and laying darker eggs than most, the Fenning Cou Cou is a good choice with her speckley appearance.

A great addition to any flock.

Available mid April        £16


Heritage Skyline

We also stock another hen called the Heritage Skyline. This bird, whilst being somewhat shy is stunning to look at and 80% or so lay lots of lovely blue/green shelled eggs!

          Available mid April   £22



We also have Bantams and Ducks available in season.